In English

Dialogisuuspuu is a method that inspires us to think about our dialogues. By its nature, the method is narrative, game-like, and creative. The method’s Finnish name Dialogisuuspuu could be translated into dialogical tree or dialogism tree.

Participants of a Dialogisuuspuu Coaching Session collaborate and compose short dialogues that branch out and expand into diverse narratives. This type of collaboration offers an attractive path to increase participants’ awareness and skills in their everyday dialogues.

Dialogisuuspuu Coaching Sessions are available in English and Finnish. The coaching sessions may include for example:

  • Dialogisuuspuu materials
  • An introduction to the method
  • Examples and discussion on Dialogisuuspuu’s Three Modes of Interaction
  • Co-creative composing of Dialogisuuspuus in pairs or small groups
  • Coaching on how to utilize the method with clients and in communities
  • Discussion and sharing of insights
Dialogisuuspuu session

Coaching session participants at work composing content on Dialogisuuspuu printouts.

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